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Guided Climbing, Skiing and Alpine Climbing Trips


Check my Calendar to see where I’m at during the year as I tend to drift from region to region depending on the conditions for climbing there.

This when the climbing and skiing in Ouray, Colorado is at it’s best. Winter shows the mountains of Southwestern Colorad in their most beautiful splendor! READ MORE

Late winter is a great time to climb ice and ski tour in the Canadian Rockies.

While the ice is melting on the waterfalls, the rock is warming. Spring is a great time to rock climbing in Colorado’s Black Canyon and the surrounding desert crags. READ MORE

Also, Spring is prime time for alpine climbing in Alaska.

Rock climbing is still great and Summer is the season for going into the high mountains: alpine climbing and expeditions from the Alps to the Karakoram.

We climbers avoid the use of the word “Fall” for this time of year for obivous reasons. It is, however, probably the best time to go rock climbing, especially in the Black Canyon and the surrounding Desert crags and towers.