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Guided Ice Climbing in Ouray, Colorado and the Canadian Rockies

Imagine it! The exhilarating feeling of climbing to the top of a beautiful blue waterfall, frozen in time. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or an experienced climber, ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado is an unforgettable experience.


Ouray is completely surrounded by the rugged San Juan Mountains, rising a mile and more above the town. Your ice climbing adventure will start in the Ouray Ice Park. Your time on the ice will be individually tailored to meet you specific interests. From learning the skill of crampon and ice tool use, to rappelling and belaying, you will find yourself at the top of a beautiful blue, frozen waterfall by the end of the day. For the more advanced climber, anchoring, mixed climbing, leading, alpine climbing, and rescue skills are all possible topics for you to explore. The area is also abound with multi-pitch climbs worth exploring for a day long adventure. Whatever your skill level, we hope you will join us for an exciting day on the ice! Ouray is not only famous for ice climbing: be sure to visit one of the many natural hot springs waiting to warm you at the end of a very rewarding day. The recommended season is between December and March, but depending on conditions routes can be good as early as November.


If you’re into ice climbing than Norway should be on your hit list. Simply put: Norway has THE best waterfall ice climbing in the world.  The remote fjords along the Southwestern coast of this Scandinavian country are home to the highest concentration of long ice routes anywhere. Though the season can be short and sometimes fickle (due to the proximity to the coast), it is usually pretty reliable during the mid winter through February. There are still numerous unclimbed behemoths lurking there, as well. Don’t expect crowds or much local, beta, however. Due expect a feeling of remoteness and a somewhat alpine setting.


A bit closer to home (for us Americans), The Canadian Rockies also serve up some of the best water ice climbing on the planet. The numbers of large sheets of multi-pitch ice climbs is simply staggering. The climbing in and around Banff National Park sports world classic climbs of all lengths and grades such as the Weeping Wall, Polar Circus, Sea of Vapors, Nemesis, Riptide, Hydrophobia – the list goes on. Spend four days here or two weeks. There is plenty to climb and a lot of variety. The recommended season is late February to early April.

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