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Backcountry Skiing and Ski Mountaineering in Colorado

San Juan Mountains, Colorado Backcountry Skiing at it’s finest

In these wild and rugged mountains of southwestern Colorado, incredible back country ski adventures can be found. Here are some of Colorado’s steepest and longest ski descents, though, more gentle terrain is never hard to find. The many quaint, Victorian mining towns that dot the valleys offer great base areas from which to stage one’s endless array of back country ski possibilities. Whether it be rolling ski touring, lapping up the powder in an alpine bowl, schussing through aspen glades, or cautiously picking your way down a steep couloir, it can be found in the San Juan Mountains.

These southerly mountains enjoy plenty of nice and sunny days, though, the relatively high altitude allows the tempuratures to stay cool enough to keep the powder nice and dry in the winter. Come spring, the warmer tempuratures transforms the snow into the magic carpet ride that is corn skiing. Come and sample Colorado backcountry skiing at its finest anytime from winter through late spring.

Colorado Red Mountain Pass Ski Touring

Spend a day or more skiing the wonderful terrain atop 11,100 ft. Red Mountain Pass. Take a step into Colorado’s mining heritage as many of the ski tours take you through century-old relics and structures from a forgotten time. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking as is the fabulous ski terrain. Whether you simply want to tour through the serenity of the area or challenge your self to ski some steep powder of a lofty peak, the terrain above this pass has it all. It is a true backcounty skier’s playground, all just minutes from leaving one’s car at the top of the pass. The wonderful skier’s hut atop the pass makes for a great weekend escape.

Backcountry Skiing Equipment List